Professional development modules for inquiry-based, collaborative learning

Author: The University of Nottingham

These Primas professional development modules explore the pedagogical challenges that arise when introducing investigative, non-routine problem solving activities to the classroom.

The modules are activity-based; built around a collection of example classroom activities. The intention is that, as part of the CPD process, teachers will plan inquiry-based lessons to use with their own class and, at a later meeting, report back on their experiences.
Each module includes a CPD session guide and handouts for teachers, as well as sample classroom materials and suggested lesson plans. Several of the lessons include the use of simple computer software.
Also included are several video sequences showing teachers trying these materials with their own classes. These form a stimulating basis for discussion during the CPD sessions.

If you run a PD-session for science teachers, please look carefully at all the science supplements that are attached at the PD-modules.

The modules

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This module has been compiled for PRIMAS from professional development materials developed by the Shell Centre team at the Centre for Research in Mathematics Education, University of Nottingham. Many of these materials were originally written for the Bowland Maths project, funded by the Bowland Charitable Trust, or for the Improving Learning in Mathematics project which was funded by the Department for Education and Skills Standards Unit.


Some of these modules have been adapted from materials written for the Bowland Maths initiative by the Shell Centre team at the University of Nottingham. The full Bowland Maths project is focused on a collection of extended classroom projects, called "Case Studies", aimed at engaging 11-14 year-old students with mathematics in a range of realistic and fantasy scenarios.

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