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PRIMAS aims to effect change across Europe in the teaching and learning of mathematics and science by supporting teachers to develop inquiry-based learning pedagogies so that in turn, pupils gain first-hand experience of scientific inquiry. Our objective is that a greater number of pupils will have a more positive disposition towards the further study of these subjects and the desire to be employed in related fields.

PRIMAS supports teachers in integrating and applying inquiry-based learning pedagogies in their mathematics and science classrooms. During the project's lifetime (2010-2013), various resources and support measures have been developed and made available to teachers, parents and pupils. These include:

  • Teaching materials;
  • Professional development courses for teachers;
  • Support for teachers;
  • Support for professional development facilitators;

This Prezi gives an overview of PRIMAS aims, professional development modules and classoom materials.

The evaluation of PRIMAS was twofold. A summative evaluation focused on the overall impact of the implementation of inquiry-based learning in day-to-day teaching with a pre-post study of 50-100 teachers and around 1500 students per PRIMAS partner country. A formative evaluation focused on the implementation and dissemination processes and allowed optimisation during PRIMAS lifetime. The reports of the external summative evaluation and the internal formative evaluation can be found on the reports and deliverables page.

Furthermore, research results of the project are published in the ZDM-special Implementation of Inquiry-Based Learning in Day-to-Day Teaching.

A project that continues working in the spirit of PRIMAS is the MASCIL-project.

This website contains articles about the PRIMAS project, the project mission and examples of how to put IBL into practice.

  • Download: Final publication showing examples of resources and classroom experiences.

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