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How can I browse the collection?

This is an international website about inquiry-based learning (IBL). You will find articles about the PRIMAS project, its mission and examples of how to put IBL into practice. This website provides inquiry-based, learning-related teaching materials and materials for professional development. Each item is presented as an article. The resources and activities are published as attachments to the articles. Each article has a cover sheet. Cover sheets guide visitors in a practical sense (e.g. by providing links to related articles, documents and to external websites), but also by pointing out important pedagogical issues behind a specific, inquiry-based learning task at hand at the time of the first presentation.

There are two ways to start your search on the website:
First go to the search page by selecting Materials database in the menu at the top of the page, or select Advanced search in the left hand panel of the homepage.

  1. Enter a word into the search bar and then refine your results: Enter a word into the search bar in the left hand panel. You will see a number of hits showing how the word is used in the found articles, and the keywords of the article (tags)
  2. Directly filter articles by clicking the checkboxes of the search filter in the left hand panel. You will see how many articles relate to your selection. When satisfied, click 'show'. You then see a number of hits showing the first sentence of the found articles, and the specifics of the article (tags)

The search filter and search bar can be used simultaneously.

You can easily zoom in further by extending your selection in the search filter. Clicking on an item you have already selected in the search filter removes this item from your selection. Clicking the reset button in the left hand panel clears your selection in the search filter and filter bar.
When you open an article, you will find links to similar or related articles in the right hand panel. Here you will also find the keywords of the article (tags) and the languages in which the article is available.

You can search articles by using keywords with respect to discipline, age group and language. More specifically, keywords are used for inquiry-based learning-related characteristics of the articles. We distinguish between characteristics of teaching materials and of materials for professional development.

Where can I find national materials?

The PRIMAS project also hosts locally based websites, that provide for extra materials. Here you can find a list of the PRIMAS-partners and links to their national websites, if available.

Last change: 19 december 2013
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