Spreading the idea of inquiry-based learning to various target groups

Author: PRIMAS-team

Widespread acceptance and uptake of IBL cannot be achieved through teacher professional development alone. In addition, we need to promote a greater awareness and understanding of IBL among the wider educational community. To this end the PRIMAS project engaged in a broad range of dissemination activities. These include:

  1. Conferences and other large events that are intended to inform as many teachers, researchers, assessors, administrators as possible.
  2. Communications with school authorities. Senior managers in schools can give teachers facilities and timeslots for collaboration, and motivate them to participate in professional development.
  3. 3. Events for parents and students. These can have a great effect on whether or not teachers continue their efforts to improve their practices. Parental pressure can be either a powerful lever either for or against inquiry-based learning. Formal and informal events at which parents, students and their teachers can share aims and concerns are therefore vitally important.

The PRIMAS guides for dissemination activities provide valuable advice about how to carry out activities with a range of target groups. Case studies from the partnership nations show an inspiring variety of possible actions and successful stories.

Last change: 19 december 2013
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